It was introduced in VOGUE JAPAN WEB NEWS.

Sorry, this entry is only available in 日本語.

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Media pick up: VOGUE EDITOR’S PICK


Ryota Aoki was picked up in a web article on VOGUE JAPAN.

Please visit the website!


VOGUE EDITOR’S PICK ー愛用している日本工芸作家の器たちー

 (In Japanese)

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TV program: “Crossroad”


NEC presents “Crossroad”

Air date: August 29 (sat) 22:30〜 (TV TOKYO)



“Assiette series” new colors

Assiette series

One of the most popular items of Aoki’s work; “Assiette series” has some new colors!!
We have a special Assiette page coming up on:8/12 (wed) 17:00~ at our ONLINE STORE.
They’ll look just like our favorite Sakazuki, Wineglass and BOWL series with the vibrant shades. It’ll stay as one of the permanent works at our ONLINE STORE. Why not try coordinating a few in different colors?



“Assiette Series”


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Media Listing: & Premium No.21

& Premium No.21に掲載されました


Aoki appears in an article of the magazine & Premium No.21 (P85).

It is released on 18th July.

Please check it out!





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Media Listing: J-WAVE radio「Force Club DREAM TRAIN」

J-WAVEラジオ番組「Force Club DREAM TRAIN」出演します


Media Listing:  J-WAVE radio「Force Club DREAM TRAIN」

[2015/08/03 (mon) - 2015/08/07 (sun)]


Aoki will be featured in a radio program; J-WAVE radio「Force Club DREAM TRAIN」.

He will be on air in a 10 minute program every night throughout the week.

You can check it out through the internet also.

Please tune in!



08/03 – 08/07, 2015:21:50-22:00

FM 802

08/03 – 08/07, 2015:20:48-20:58


08/03 - 08/06, 2015:20:50-21:00

08/07, 2015:19:50-20:00


*Dates and times will differ according to your region.

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Media Listing: Fine 6, 2015

fine 6


Media Listing Information

Fine 6,2015(P107)


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Media Listing: VOGUE JAPAN 6, 2015



Media Listing Information

VOGUE JAPAN 6, 2015 (P199)


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IKEYAN★Artist File

IKEYAN Artist File




青 木良太、穴山大輔、山田想、田村一、山下紫布、石黒剛一郎、津田友子、田中雅文、新見麻紗子、栢野紀文、宮木英至、渡邉貴子、加藤貴也、桑田智香子、吉村 茉莉、牟田陽日、古賀崇洋、川端理恵子、和田山真央、水谷美樹、山口由次、杉本ひとみ、山本淳平、筑紫百合子、ツォン・ウェンティン






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