WEB EXHIBITION vol.015 “Wood-Fire Kiln -Shino-”

Wood-Fire Kiln -Shino-


WEB EXHIBITION vol.015 “Wood-Fire Kiln -Shino-”

[ 2015/11/11 (wed) 18:00 - 2015/12/13 (sun) ]


The Shino wares are fired at the very back of the huge wood-fire kiln. In this exhibition Aoki shares a collection of the best Shino from his third firing. From a daily use Sakazuki (alcohol cup) to special BOWL series, please enjoy your eyes and senses with these modern Shino wares.


WEB EXHIBITION vol.015 “Wood-Fire Kiln -Shino-”



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[ 2015/11/19(thur) - 2015/11/25(wed)]   @Nagoya Dome


A young group of ceramic artists came together with Aoki as the leader,

to boost up the ceramic art world with their young energetic spirits.

They call themselves IKEYAN★, and each member

works on their art and pottery works in various places within Japan.


This year, the IKEYAN★ members will show their works again at a booth in the

“Dome Yakimono World” (Ceramic fair in Nagoya Dome)!


Please come visit the big event, to see the whole world of the unique artists’ work!




(in「Dome Yakimono World」IKEYAN★ booth)


Nagoya Dome

1-1-1 Daiko Minami Higashi-ku Nagoya City Aichi Prefecture

Post Code: 461-0047



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Ryota Aoki

青木良太 展

[ 2015/11/14(sat) - 11/29(sun)] @Shunyo


Aoki will have his last exhibition of this year

at his home ground in Tajimi, gallery Shunyo.

Works fired by wood-fire and electric kilns will all gather in this show to sum up the work of this year.

Gallery Shunyo holds a beautiful space of Japanese styled rooms and inner garden.

How about a cup of coffee at the cafe area to enjoy the collaboration

of the quiet Japanese room with Aoki’s powerful wood-fired works?


Aoki will be at the show in the first day of exhibition.

Please drop in along with your friends and family!


Opening Reception


Aoki will be here for the opening on the first day of his show.

Why not take this chance to try questions about his work, and his kiln?

Anyone is welcome, so please visit by!





3-89-1 Hakusan-cho Tajimi City Gifu Prefecture

Post code: 507-0038

TEL: 0572232293

Opening Hours:10:00~18:00(Closes on Monday)

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WEB EXHIBITION vol.014 “Cylinder”



WEB EXHIBITION vol.014 “Cylinder”

[ 2015/10/26 (mon) 18:00 - 2015/11/29 (sun) ]


Brand new『Cylinder』series are here to go with the new added stock of Bol series.

Aoki has tried on a new different way to create these Cylinders on potter’s wheel.

With the wheel to directly show the small tender moves, he expressed this delicate wave of line at the very lip of each piece, which then also show the subtle texture of each clay and the movement of Aoki’s hand on wheel.

We have a variety from rich glazed works to minimal pieces with no glaze on.

How will you use them at your place?


WEB EXHIBITION vol.014 “Cylinder”



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Wonders of Guinomi


[ 2015/10/18(sun)– 10/27(tue)] @Modern Craft Fujinoya


At Modern Craft Fujinoya in Tochigi Prefecture, Aoki will be joining a group exhibition of Guinomi (small cups for alcohol),『Wonders of Guinomi』.

How will his shiny work show with the other classic types of Guinomi?

Please visit by with your friends!



Modern Craft Fujinoya

859 Asanuma-cho Sano City Tochigi Prefecture 327-0831

Opening Hours:10:00~19:00  (Closing at 17:00 on the last day)

Closing dates:Wednesdays & Thursdays

Tel:0283-23-0700 (Japanese)



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Ryota Aoki・Mikiko Tomita

青木良太・富田美樹子 二人展

[ 2015/10/31(sat) – 11/8(sun)] @Koubou IKUKO


At Koubou IKUKO in Okayama Prefecture, there will be a duo exhibition held with Aoki and Mikiko Tomita.

Tomita’s fine sensitive work will be shown beside Aoki’s wood-fired kiln pieces full of nature.

There will be a gallery talk held at the first day with both artists.

Please feel free to drop by with your friends.


Gallery talk「Eyes of Aoki and Tomita, until here and then on…」

Date:10/31(sat) 15:00~

Place:Koubou IKUKO 2F


Koubou IKUKO

1-12-9 Chuo Kurashiki City Okayama Prefecture 710-0046


Opening Hours:10:00~18:00(Last day til 17:00)

Closed:11/2 (mon)

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Ryota Aoki Clay Works

青木良太 陶展

[ 2015/10/23(fri) - 10/27(tue)] @Toukyo


At a gallery “Toukyo” which resides in the center of Tokyo city, Aoki will present his whole new collection of wood-fired kiln work, which became his greatest challenge of 2015. He keeps the air of his delicate line and smooth texture, and fuses it together with the natural power of the old style kiln.

It’s the first time to present his newly evolved works since the show in Shibuya this summer.

Please pay a visit to meet his powerful set of collaboration with modern and the classic.


Aoki will be at the gallery most days in the afternoon during the exhibition.

We will be waiting for you at the show, do bring your friends in!



Gallery Toukyo

2-25-13 Nishi-azabu, Minato-ku,Tokyo 106-0031

TEL : +81 3-3797-4494

Opening Hours : 11:00~19:00(Open everyday during the show)

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Ryota AOKI


[ 2015/09/30(wed) - 10/26(mon)] @Karuizawa New Art Museum


In this exhibition at the Karuizawa New Art Museum, there will be a selection of latest wood-fired kiln Shino works,

along with the Tea Bowls form the same kiln work.

The usual tablewares will also be traveling there too.

If you haven’t had the chance to see it in real yet, please pay a visit!


Karuizawa New Art Museum(KaNAM)

1151-5 Karuizawa, Karuizawa-machi, Kitasaku-gun, Nagano Prefecture 389-0102, Japan

TEL:+81 267-46-8692

Opening Hours:10:00〜17:00(Closed on Tuesdays・Closes at 15:00 on the last day)

Free entry


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WEB EXHIBITION vol.013 “Petite Flower”

Petite Flower


WEB EXHIBITION vol.013 “Petite Flower”

[ 2015/09/24 (thu) 18:00 - 2015/10/25 (sun) ]


Ryota shares a new collection of work to celebrate the open of a new category at ONLINE STORE.

The small sizes would be easy to handle for anyone at any kind of space.

From beautifully handed vases to round casual ones…

Which would you choose for your everyday flower vase?


WEB EXHIBITION vol.013 “Petite Flower”



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Concours International de Céramique Carouge 2015 —La Lampe Céramique—

Concours International de Céramique Carouge 2015 —La Lampe Céramique—

[ 2015/09/19(sat) - 11/29(sun)] @ Musée de Carouge


Aoki’s Lightfull Dura Light got selected in a competition held at a museum in Carouge, Switzerland.

The exhibition will be from 19th this month to 29th November.

There will be an announcement of award winners on the first day. Aoki can not make it to the place unfortunately,

but he is very excited since Carouge is close to a place where he spent his student days learning about ceramics.


Please check out this unique ceramic lamp themed competition with its exhibitors if you are lucky enough to be around Switzerland!




Concours International de Céramique Carouge 2015 —La Lampe Céramique—

Musée de Carouge

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Kanayamachi Rakuichi in Samanoko

金屋町 楽市 in さまのこ

[ 2015/09/18(fri) - 09/20(sun)] @Kanayamachi in Samanoko


Held at his home prefecture of Toyama, Aoki will be presenting his work at a craft event in Kanayamacho Takaoka City.

Kanayamacho is home to Takaoka Casting, also is a beautiful village of very fine wooden lattice work with old stone pavement, one of the typical yet precious Japanese villages.

How will Aoki’s modern Tea Bowls make collaboration with the traditional scenery?

Please drop in of you are nearby.




(*Aoki’s work will participate in the exhibition starting from the second day.)

(*The work of the photo above may not appear at the exhibition.)



Kanayamachi Rakuichi in Samanoko

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TV program: “Crossroad”


NEC presents “Crossroad”

Air date: August 29 (sat) 22:30〜 (TV TOKYO)


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WEB EXHIBITION vol.012 “Sakazuki of the Modern and the Tradition”

WEB EXHIBITION vol.012 『現代と伝統の盃』展


WEB EXHIBITION vol.012『Sakazuki of the Modern and the Tradition』

[ 2015/08/26 (wed) 18:00 - 2015/09/27 (sun) ]


Colorful Sakazuki to brighten up the end of summer are here for the WEB EXHIBITION vol.012!

They are topped with the same luxury glazes as the brand new Assiettes, which just became on release very recently.

Light and color will dance as you pour your beverage in the gracefully opened lip.

Take a tour around the exhibition, what will your color choice be?


WEB EXHIBITION vol.012『Sakazuki of the Modern and the Tradition』



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“Assiette series” new colors

Assiette series

One of the most popular items of Aoki’s work; “Assiette series” has some new colors!!
We have a special Assiette page coming up on:8/12 (wed) 17:00~ at our ONLINE STORE.
They’ll look just like our favorite Sakazuki, Wineglass and BOWL series with the vibrant shades. It’ll stay as one of the permanent works at our ONLINE STORE. Why not try coordinating a few in different colors?



“Assiette Series”


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Media Listing: & Premium No.21

& Premium No.21に掲載されました


Aoki appears in an article of the magazine & Premium No.21 (P85).

It is released on 18th July.

Please check it out!





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