WEB EXHIBITION vol.014 “Cylinder”



WEB EXHIBITION vol.014 “Cylinder”

[ 2015/10/26 (mon) 18:00 - 2015/11/29 (sun) ]


Brand new『Cylinder』series are here to go with the new added stock of Bol series.

Aoki has tried on a new different way to create these Cylinders on potter’s wheel.

With the wheel to directly show the small tender moves, he expressed this delicate wave of line at the very lip of each piece, which then also show the subtle texture of each clay and the movement of Aoki’s hand on wheel.

We have a variety from rich glazed works to minimal pieces with no glaze on.

How will you use them at your place?


WEB EXHIBITION vol.014 “Cylinder”



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Wonders of Guinomi


[ 2015/10/18(sun)– 10/27(tue)] @Modern Craft Fujinoya


At Modern Craft Fujinoya in Tochigi Prefecture, Aoki will be joining a group exhibition of Guinomi (small cups for alcohol),『Wonders of Guinomi』.

How will his shiny work show with the other classic types of Guinomi?

Please visit by with your friends!



Modern Craft Fujinoya

859 Asanuma-cho Sano City Tochigi Prefecture 327-0831

Opening Hours:10:00~19:00  (Closing at 17:00 on the last day)

Closing dates:Wednesdays & Thursdays


http://gendaikougeifujinoya.web.fc2.com/index.html (Japanese)



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Ryota Aoki・Mikiko Tomita

青木良太・富田美樹子 二人展

[ 2015/10/31(sat) – 11/8(sun)] @Koubou IKUKO


At Koubou IKUKO in Okayama Prefecture, there will be a duo exhibition held with Aoki and Mikiko Tomita.

Tomita’s fine sensitive work will be shown beside Aoki’s wood-fired kiln pieces full of nature.

There will be a gallery talk held at the first day with both artists.

Please feel free to drop by with your friends.


Gallery talk「Eyes of Aoki and Tomita, until here and then on…」

Date:10/31(sat) 15:00~

Place:Koubou IKUKO 2F


Koubou IKUKO

1-12-9 Chuo Kurashiki City Okayama Prefecture 710-0046


Opening Hours:10:00~18:00(Last day til 17:00)

Closed:11/2 (mon)


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Ryota Aoki Clay Works

青木良太 陶展

[ 2015/10/23(fri) - 10/27(tue)] @Toukyo


At a gallery “Toukyo” which resides in the center of Tokyo city, Aoki will present his whole new collection of wood-fired kiln work, which became his greatest challenge of 2015. He keeps the air of his delicate line and smooth texture, and fuses it together with the natural power of the old style kiln.

It’s the first time to present his newly evolved works since the show in Shibuya this summer.

Please pay a visit to meet his powerful set of collaboration with modern and the classic.


Aoki will be at the gallery most days in the afternoon during the exhibition.

We will be waiting for you at the show, do bring your friends in!



Gallery Toukyo

2-25-13 Nishi-azabu, Minato-ku,Tokyo 106-0031

TEL : +81 3-3797-4494

Opening Hours : 11:00~19:00(Open everyday during the show)


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